The specific objectives envisage analyzing, improving and integrating the existing wood waste management, designing and testing new sustainable wood waste streams to increase their efficiency and enhance the wood material during the process phases.

Another objective is to test the technical, operational and economic aspects of the integrated wood management system in an urban laboratory to verify its scalability at city level and its replicability at European level. Genoa also wants to analyze and test at least three of the most promising applications on the market.

FORCE Ambitions

Genoa will implement an integrated Wood Management Urban Laboratory, including new schemes for the collection and reprocessing of wood waste (post-consumer wood, public parks and gardens, private forests, logs). Genoa will also determine the next appropriate life cycle of its use (for example, reuse, replacement parts, wood chips, etc.) and create innovative market applications for post-consumer wood, parks and public gardens, private forests and logs and testing new technological applications.

Copenhagen aims to prevent the generation of wood waste in 200 kg, redirecting used furniture and other bulky wood waste to repair shops or reuse of companies, for example in construction.

Hamburg aims to extend the registration of woody biomass from local and private areas by the municipal waste administration, in order to produce carbon neutral energy.

Lisbon will improve the separation of wood material in some reception centers and increase reuse and recycling. It will establish agreements with local carpentry workshops and create storage conditions for wooden furniture with potential for artistic transformation.

Partners in the leading wood waste partnership:

The city of Genoa

Amiu Genova SPA

Ecolegno Genova SRL


Active Cells SRL