DARIACORDAR’S ZERO DESPERDÍCIO has the main objective of reducing the generation of waste. The present environmental panorama is marked by high CO2 emissions, with the food sector accounting for more than 30%. In order to achieve this objective, the association DARIACORDAR intends to train institutions for the recovery of food, coordinating the entire network and establishing the bridge between appropriate donors and recipients.

DARIACORDAR’s ZERO DESPERDÍCIO also aims to promote new circular and upcycling perspectives, creating a movement of social awareness with its project. It intends not only to monitor the social, economic and environmental impact of the project, but also to mobilize society to end food waste through awareness and education.

This development will have an impact in several areas:






DARIACORDAR’S ZERO DESPERDÍCIO has solidarity and social responsibility as its main pillars. There is a concern to help not only the environment, but also the populations, so that citizens understand the challenges we face in this reality of pollution and waste, so that they can change their behavior in a more ecological way.

The association is based on a circular concept that goes through three major phases: prevention, reuse and recycling.

These are always interconnected, in order to contribute to better environmental practices.

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