The objectives are to establish effective collection schemes for plastic waste from households and retailers and to involve citizens in the separation of more plastic waste. In doing so, we will cooperate with retailers, brand owners (manufacturers) and designers to ensure broader use of plastic packaging recycling guidelines.

In addition, we aim to demonstrate new applications of products for recycled plastic in order to encourage brand owners and retailers to demand such products, driving new market opportunities.

FORCE Ambitions

Copenhagen aims to establish at least three different collection schemes for flexible plastics for domestic use and to assess the effectiveness and participation of citizens. It also aims to verify that plastic waste from homes (post-consumer) and other sources (for example, farms and companies) can be collected and processed in a marketable resource, testing and demonstrating at least 10 innovative applications. Based on this, we hope to demonstrate viable potential for the final market for at least three applications made with recycled flexible plastics.

Hamburg will establish a separate collection of plastics at five recycling stations. It aims to produce cleaner plastic waste streams in order to achieve considerably higher values and market use.

Lisbon wants to promote a “Call for Artists”, in order to encourage the artistic creation of urban works of art built with plastic waste. This initiative will raise awareness and encourage the recycling of plastic materials by citizens.

Genoa’s goal is to involve local stakeholders and create a start-up that experiments with the production of plastic items with high sales potential. A business plan will be developed which may include potential Green Credit income.