The FORCE – CITIES COOPERATING FOR CIRCULAR ECONOMY project aims to define a new strategy and approach in production, distribution and consumption of various products and materials, today framed in a linear economy, the generation of waste throughout the product’s life cycle. This new approach is based on the circular economy model.

The four cities involved in the project – Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lisbon and Genoa – have a mission to involve companies, citizens, universities and research centers in new collaborative partnerships, based on the value chain to create and develop eco-innovative solutions.

The overall objective is to minimize the leakage of materials from the linear economy and work towards a circular economy. The specific objectives are:

Involve cities, businesses, citizens and academia in 16 participatory partnerships based on the value chain to create and develop eco-innovative solutions together.

Develop 10 viable end markets, demonstrating new applications for plastic waste, metals (EEE devices), biological waste and wood waste.

Develop a governance model for cities based on partnerships based on the value chain.

Develop decision support tools and assess the real impact using Big Data.

Ensure replication through the FORCE Academy, targeting companies, citizens and policy makers.