Starting from the operational model already implemented in various contexts and sectors – today present not only in Lisbon, but throughout the national territory – and integrating this model, previously manual, in a new digital approach, the new LISBOA ZERO platform has as its main ambition to improve of the whole process and increase of all the great results and impacts achieved so far.

This vision for the digital platform LISBOA ZERO is achieved from:

Simplification of the registration and access process for all different agents at different stages;

Provide more and faster feedback on the different actions taken by different types of users;

Positioning as the main communication channel between different users;

Generation of notifications/alerts to be sent automatically;

Activity dashboards dedicated to different user groups;

Global view of the process and main efficiency and effectiveness indicators;

Integrated management of user database and KPIs of main activities;

Always up-to-date access to information, facilitating the timely visualization of activity and results;

Optimization and global improvement of processes and resource management, avoiding waste;

Access and use of the platform from any location or device, given the fully responsive development with the web app format;

Definition of user profiles with different roles according to the activity projected in the workflow, adjusting to the reality of each company and institution.

Registration on the LISBOA ZERO platform requires adherence to the DARIACORDAR ZERO DESPERDÍCIO program, in order to guarantee procedural compliance, food hygiene and safety and legal compliance. This new platform is, therefore, a digital tool that operationalizes a protocol to be established between the company or institution and DARIACORDAR within the scope of the city of Lisbon.