FORCE Academy aims to:

Bring together stakeholders from partner cities, non-partner cities and other relevant stakeholders to stimulate mutual learning and exchange of experiences

Support the development and dissemination of partnership governance models based on the value chain

Promote replication through training seminars (webinars, master classes, etc.)

FORCE Academy is a center to promote the transfer of knowledge and best practices. Among the main initiatives, there are:

Creation of a knowledge network composed of 15 to 20 cities and organizations. The objective is to present the ideas and results to a group of experts through 3 workshops.

Summer school: aimed at students from the environmental department and circular economy operators, with the aim of developing a common language, interaction protocol and familiarity with the new results of the FORCE market.

Mentoring and job monitoring: exchange of employees between partner and non-partner cities as training with consortium partners – from 2 to 10 days.

Mentoring between the four cities in the implementation of policies: the involvement of local councilors and/or decision-makers is crucial to putting the project’s results into action and changing regional/local procedures and structures.