1. Reuse produce bags
    Buy reusable cotton produce bags and use them to buy fruits and vegetables. Always choose loose varieties. If you run out of bags, keep produce loose in the shopping cart.


  1. Reuse containers
    Take large glass jars or other reusable containers to the store. Use these wherever an item needs to be weighed (the shop employee can take the jar on the scale before filling with your products). Jars with screw-top lids are handy for wet foods.


  1. Bring a cloth bag for bread
    Use a solid cloth bag to buy bread and dry bulk items. You can buy these online in various sizes.


  1. Use your own bag to carry groceries
    Use several large canvas tote bags or a sturdy bin with handles to take your food home. Never accept plastic grocery bags.


  1. Always keep your shopping kit with you
    Store your shopping kit in the car after putting away the groceries. Keep a reusable bag handy as well.


  1. Choose recyclable packaging
    If you must buy a pre-packaged item, always choose recyclable packaging made of glass, metal, or paper over lower-grade plastic packaging.


  1. Shop at stores that support these practices
    Shop at bulk food stores that allow reusable containers. Usually smaller, privately owned, local companies are more flexible than chain stores.